Learner Behaviors

With the introduction of the new Diocesan report card, it is necessary to revise the current Honor roll Criteria, specifically as it relates to incorporation of new “Descriptions of Learner Behaviors.”  Our new report card includes new standards of assessment on “Learner Behaviors.”  These new Descriptions of Learner Behaviors are as follows:

Descriptions of Learner BehaviorsResponsibility:  Student successfully adapts to classroom practices and routines

Participation:     Student actively participates in classroom discussion and activities

Assignment Completion:  Student completes assigned tasks within the assigned time limits

Interpersonal Skills:  Student displays respect for others; interacts appropriately in cooperative group, classroom, and school settings


Behavior Scale:

1 – Student consistently demonstrates his behavior

2 – Student sometimes demonstrates his behavior

3 – Student seldom demonstrates his behavior


These Descriptions of Learner Behaviors will be reported in every subject in grades 3 – 8 (sample below)

1 2 3
Religion  (grade here)
     Assignment completion
     Interpersonal skills


Honor Roll eligibility will be determined by reviewing the students’ academic grades as well as their Learner Behaviors.